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DJ Michael Embarrassed by Own Broken English

Faded Self proclaimed Uganda’s King of Dancehall, Dj/ King [Any that makes you comfortable] Michael got embarrassed during a TV interview after realizing that he had almost killed all the Buffaloes in the Kabalega National park with Nursery broken English.

During the weekly celeb news aired on Urban TV, the self styled King was hosted to say something about the news of his break up with long time girl friend and mother of his daughter. Shaky and not ready to be on air, King Michael forged confidence but his shaking body movements and broken English had nothing to do with him but to betray him.

This saga forced the host of the show to call off for a short break during which it is rumored that the Singer pledged to halt the session for the show be postponed the following week. However, the producers and host of the show turned a deaf ear to his proposal before forcing him to get back on air and battle with the questions.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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