Donald Trump Exposes Five African Presidents Who lied About Their Age

Is It True that African Leaders Lie their Age?

The United States of America’s President John Donald Trump has said he has proof that Robert Mugabe is not 93 as reported but rather 101.

Speaking at a closed meeting at the White House, one of the president’s most trusted advisers asked if he wanted to send out a special birthday message to the long lasting president of Zimbabwe, Dr. Gabriel Robert Mugabe to which Trump responded that “He should confess his real age first. He is 101 years old today and I have proof”.

Thinking it’s a joke, some staff members of the white house asked Donald Trump to produce the proof! Surprisingly, Trump showed them a 89 page report which was compiled after investigations of several African presidents who lied about their age.

The report revealed 4 other Presidents in Africa who are believed to have ‘adjusted’ their ages and lied about their true age. The other four included Jacob Zuma (South Africa), King Mswati III (Swaziland), Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinea) and Omar Al-Bashir (Sudan).

Jacob Zuma is believed to be 74 but the report proved he is 79.

King Mswati III is believed to be 48 though the report said he is actually younger than that, 44.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is also thought to be 74 but prove points otherwise, he is 83.

Lasty, Omar Al-Bashir’s age is recorded to be 73 but he is 80 years.

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