Why I don’t glorify single mothers

Mostly here in Africa, Single mothers in high-flying corporate jobs or those running successful businesses have a way of glorifying their status. This has forced us to accept single motherhood as a sustainable model of raising children.

Just hit the bars and talk to waitresses. You will find that nearly all of them are single mothers. It is tough being a waitress. Male revellers want to pinch your ass, but also accuse you of stealing from them. The managers are usually misanthropes with libido problems. But most waitresses have no choice but stick with the job, lest their toddlers sleep hungry or miss out on the good elite of ‘academic’ education.

Poor single mothers, those underpaid in factories and in the hospitality industry lead a terrible life, it is time we held a national conversation about it. Our ancestors were wise and did everything to stop women from getting children out of wedlock.

The point is, most of the single mothers are single for a reason.

Some are young widows, some made the bold step to abandon an abusive marriage, yet for some, it is the man who took off as soon as his wild oats germinated. So, it is not really their fault.

Though it hurts that men walk scot free. They drink like sailors, spend their cash chasing more skirts when they have no idea how their kid is surviving, we must also start making them accountable.

Some Single mothers bar the fathers of their children from seeing the kids for valid and stupid reasons. Please madam, that now-bad-guy remains the father of your kids. Even if you are divorced, separated or it never worked, when he shows up to see the kids, let him in.

Another reason why Single mothers do not deserve to be glorified is turn child support into an extortion racket. This is why you even find rich politicians rather tinker with their payslips than pay child support. These mothers heck large sums of money especially where a rich man is involved, making it difficult for the man to even love the children, because frankly, some women can be evil.

Please single mothers, find a way of protecting and providing for the children without projecting adulthood pettiness into their lives.

My last word is to women who are mocking men. Sometimes you need to stand in front of the mirror. You could be the problem.

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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