Campus Vibe: Things that Freshers must not Carry to Campus

Frehsers guide to campus

The months of August and September means another academic year at most high learning institutions in Uganda such as Universities. As the finalists are waiting for their final results as well as graduation lists, fresh men and women are finalizing with their admission documents to respective campuses.

A few weeks back, I was with my undercover who is finishing campus this year at a certain university in Kampala trying to help him with some paper work. You know this guy has always had this habit of going to campus before freshers start coming since he is very generous at assisting the beautiful ones trace their hotel rooms whenever he is idle.

However, there is this weird thing I noticed with some fresh men and women joining campus for their first time. They were carrying some things that I found quite peculiar and wondered how nobody had told them that most of them were totally unnecessary on campus. This is what has forced me pen down to all those about to join campus about the few things they do not need to carry to avoid embarrassment to themselves.

Dozens Of books

Life at campus has changed that currently, most programs do not require much writing. Work is given out in soft copies, so you just need a small book or even a note book for summary. There are also handouts given out at a pocket friendly fair price compared to copying notes. And also, forget about the high school life where books would be collected every now and then for assignments. Assignments will not be done in books here. 3 books would even be a lot for a semester.

Metallic box

Leave your metallic box for your young brothers or at home if you still need to see it. A suit case works a lot better here. However small it is. You will not be keeping all your entire stuff such as clothes locked in the suit case here.

Pre cooked food

I heard a case of a fresher who used to carry per-cooked food from home whenever she was getting back to campus from home. Sister, this is not a jail. Food is always available at the mess in your respective hall/ hostel. In case the kind of being cooked there does not work for you, there are a number of restaurants out here to offer the kind of food you want.


First year ladies, not everyone who comes at you is trying to smash, some of us just really want to help you trace your hostels and maybe get your number and hook up for coffee later and… okay?. And again, it is still, possible to say ‘No’ without rolling your eyes all the way to the back of your head. Leave those attitudes home.

Till then.

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