Dorothy Shonga Reclaims Space Lounge

A lot has been going on between the Shongas. Dorothy has been bragging on social media how no one can take over what belongs to your children and vowed how she had to get back to the bar. She is now rejoicing. She has reclaimed the ownership of Space Lounge.

It was hers at first place, then her husband Herbert Shonga hired a side dish to manage the bar. She has now packed her bags and left only to rant on different media platforms about how her man was sleeping with Sheilat Smith Murungi, the club’s public relations officer.

At my club with my employs (sic). They are so happy to see me back. No one takes what belongs to my Children. Where is this employee who claimed she doesn’t know her boss’s name? Why is she on the run?” She posted.

Meanwhile, latest we hear is that Sheilat fled the club like the Biblical Lot when Dorothy returned to the country to rightfully claim what belongs to her.

Congrats Dorothy!!

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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