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When you visit uganda and do not visit its eastern part consider not have encountered the true picture of the pearl of Africa.  My first time to traverse the eastern parts of Uganda was such an unforgettable experience. It was an early morning Saturday where we the students of tourism and hospitality management gathered at the university to board our bus and head off for the trip. We set off exactly at 9am and our first stop was Ssezibwa falls in that is found in Mukono district and it is a Buganda cultural heritage site. At the rest it’s a perfect cultural and scenic outing you are welcomed by a large parking area and the most interesting thing about the guides is how knowledgeable they are about the place and they are friendly as well.

Once we paid our entrance fee the guide took us through the history of Ssezibwa falls and all gave us a tour around the place. Ssezibwa means ‘it can’t be blocked’ and the falls preserves an ancient African culture and has for ages been a site of traditional cultural rituals for traditional believers. However we were so impressed by the natural beauty of ssezibwa falls because it has now become such a popular destination because of its exciting nature adventures as well as cultural experiences. We saw a number of beautiful features such as the waterfalls stambling over the rocks, the beautiful birds and caves and a few wildlife nature. We also had our lunch from the ssezibwa resort and after that headed for our next stop.

We stopped at Itanda falls which are found in Jinja and are found along river Nile. The falls are such magnificent and almost scary site. These are the falls where the dreadful white water rafting activities take place and this is most adventurous tourism activity that uganda is popular for as indicated in most of the Uganda holiday guide books. The falls is mostly fun for kayaking and white water rafting. Whether you are standing far or close the waters come by you with a powerful force. The falls are spectacular and powerful. While we were at the falls we bought some craft that is sold by the falls. And also we were given a 45 minute boat cruise and we saw a number of water birds and also the beautiful view of the forest when you are further in the middle at the calm end of the falls. After the cruise we picked shells and played by the waters and now it was time to head out and board and continue with the journey. We drove straight until Mbale town and where we checked into a lodge and had our dinner and then had to rest from the long day of many different activities.

Early in the morning we got up and prepared ourselves for day two of the trip and we were served breakfast at the lodge. After our breakfast we set off to Mount Elgon national park where we were welcomed by the guides and also briefed about the park. The park covers over 1279 square kilometers. The park is found at the boarder of Uganda and Kenya. The park has such beautiful falls and mountains and also wild wispers of animals in the park. We were directed to our camping site where we would stay for the night. The park is so beautiful and a real definition of African nature. Later that evening we roasted some goat meat and then relaxed and then headed to bed. The next day in the morning we went out to the park to see some animals like the waterbuck, elephants, the lammergeyer, and different birds the go about the park. It’s so fascinating because while in the park there’s no fancy bathrooms and we had to it all in the trees. We had to set up a bathroom and also shit in the forest.

We then headed to the headquarter offices of Mt. elgon. The road was too steep and the bus couldn’t take us all the way up to the place so we had to jump out and climb the hill. When we arrived we were briefed and then directed to our accommodations. However the ground of the mountain is too cold in fact it is extremely cold in that you cannot even take a bath. After checking in we were called out to go and prepare our dinner while relaxing with some wine. However while there we were not allowed to play very loud music or make loud noises because the guide said we could scare the animals that stay close by. After dinner we freshened up and set up a camp fire to keep us warm while we had dinner and also played some games. Later we went to bed to prepare for the morning hike. Early in the morning at around 8am we were up and served breakfast and then got our hiking sticks and headed into the forest. The hike is not so difficult because there are clear paths just that you have keep part of the group in order not to get lost. There are a number of streams and steep slopes and the guides helped us through all that until we made to the caves and then came back down. The hike took us only about 3-4 hours.

We came back to the accommodation and had our baths and waited for lunch to be served and after lunch he set off to Kapchorwa town. Only God knows but we were so tired after those tiresome days. While in kapchorwa he checked into kiprotich hotel where we were welcomed and directed to our rooms and then went for dinner. Some people went to bed while others went to the club to unwind. Bars in those areas are not exactly as wild and crowded as those in Kampala city. In the morning we got up and went for breakfast and set off to Sipi falls. On arrival we were guided and shown the falls from a far. To hike these falls one has to be physically fit and also steady to climb steep slopes.

We started the hike to the first falls since they are three different falls and this was so breath taking it was the most fun I had in a very long time. The falls flow wildly and however far you try to get the waters would reach you and we were all filled with water. All our hair got wet our clothes and also inside our shoes it was beautiful we took pictures and played on the safe side of the falls and a few minutes late we had to continue the hike and head to the next falls. The next waterfalls we were even more beautiful however only one who can swim professionally can go close to the falls. We water splashed unto us once again as we watched and photographed the beautiful falls. We had such a great experience that everyone should encounter in this life. The falls are such a beautiful place to be and it is a magnificent experience. After the falls we hiked into the caves that are on top of the falls. And then we were briefed about the caves and told about their history and how the ancient people lived in those caves and what used to happen in them too. After the caves we walked through the community of kapchorwa and after the hike we went for lunch and then set off the Soroti.

The people of Soroti are such hospitable and calm people. While we were there we checked into the hotel and they were so welcoming and good people. We were served dinner and later had a bath and then went the fame bar in Soroti town we danced the night away and had a few bottles to drink. After we went and had some rest and the next day we visited Soroti airstrip where most of the pilots in Uganda study from and also got to sit in some of the aircrafts. And then after that we went for lunch and then set of to Kampala. It was a great experience to visit and traverse through some of eastern parts of Uganda.

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Written by Maksudi

A Travel blogger at Uganda Holiday Guide


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