EC 2016 Results Do Not Represent the Will of the People

Bishop Zac Niringiye Issues a Press Release on 2016 Polls

Bishop Zac Niringiye, a political activitist has established that the Electoral Commission Results of of the 2016 Elections do not represent the will of the people. This is in a press release which he has released from Nairobi, Kenya. Here is a full PR



The results of the presidential elections
currently being released in Uganda by the Electoral Commission do not represent the will of the people of Uganda: the election has been badly rigged by Museveni. Evidence of stuffed ballot boxes is rampant; the state closed down social media to curtail information on the rigging; delay in opening up polling stations denied millions of voters access to ballot boxes; and security forces are ready to crash any protest to the abuse of the Democratic process.

Ugandans are resolved to resist the illegal and illegitimate stay in office by Museveni and the NRM regime. We call upon all democratic forces the world over to stand in solidarity with us and to resist any temptation to lend credibility to this shameful abuse of human rights by the Museveni government. Let the international observers take note that it is the truth that Ugandans expect from them not artificial and hypocritical cleansing of this gross abuse of the Democratic process.

We call upon all people of faith to pray for Uganda at this difficult time.

Bishop David Zac NIRINGIYE
Formerly, Assistant Bishop of Kampala Dioces
Church of Uganda

Currently Director
The Democratic Alliance (TDA) SECRETARIAT

Issued in Nairobi
19 February, 2016
Tel. 256-702-653977

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