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Eddy Kenzo Insists ‘He is Stronger Than Ever’ Amid Rema’s Kukyala

Eddy Kenzo
Eddy Kenzo

Everyone knows the state in which Edirisa Musuuza best known as Eddy Kenzo is in nowadays after the precipitate break-up with his baby-mama, Rema Namakula.

Today as Rema Namakula’s new hubby, Sebunya Hamza, visited Rema’s parents, singer Eddy Kenzo went on to assure his fans via his facebook page that ‘he is stronger than ever and everything happens for a reason’. As a reminder, Rema recently announced her introduction ceremony to be taking place in November this year but i reckon most people guessed wrongly on who the bridegroom would be since the sitya loss singer was probably the man in everyone’s thoughts.

Rema Namakula with Dr. Hamza Sebunya, her new husband during their ‘Kukyala’ Introduction Ceremony at her parent’s home in Nabbingo Battaka.

However, Rema left many people dumbstruck, including Eddy Kenzo himself, after it was said that she was going to introduce another man in names of Hamza Sebunya. For real Kenzo was caught off guard by the unexpected announcement of his by-then wife’s introduction with Sebunya and he could not hesitate to reveal how Rema had hurt him  by ditching him yet he was still loving her a lot. In fact, he further begged Rema to go with all his belongings for he is a lazy man, he may end up losing them all.

It however seems like Eddy is bit by bit healing from the abrupt break up with the mother to one of his only two kids [daughters]. Eddy Kenzo is now officially single, though not sure if searching or not, after breaking up with Rema and since he had recently separated with the mother to his first daughter before hooking up with Rema.

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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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