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Eddy Kenzo To Be Live Again at 4pm, And He Agrees To Meet Sheikh Muzaata For Reconciliation

For the past week, singer Eddy Kenzo and Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata have dominated all the news in Uganda as the former is accusing the latter for disrespecting him during his (latter’s) speech on the former’s ex-wife’s kukyala ceremony.

In Muzaata’s speech and his recent speeches, he has allegedly called Eddy Kenzo a bumboy as well as a ‘semyekozo’ loosely meaning someone,typically of a man, who is just a player but not serious of settling in a relationship. Eddy Kenzo had therefore told sheikh Muzaata to give him an apology or else he should possess proof for his allegations against him (Eddy Kenzo) because he is psychologically tortured with his words, otherwise there will be a war between them once he comes back home.

However Muzaata’s apology to Kenzo has been waited in vain as the Sheikh says that he will not apologize but will want to sit with Kenzo and have a talk together as mature people which Eddy Kenzo seemed not to be pleased with.

Fortunately, today the singer via his social media platforms has accepted to sit with the sheikh after being advised by some elder people like Sheikh Ndirangwa, Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga, Honorable Robert Kyagulanyi, and Jose Chameleon, among others, who have told him to agree the meeting with Muzaata and see if something positive comes out from their meeting.

Kenzo has further stated that he will be live on his facebook page at 4pm and he will have to discuss about some issues regarding to the engagement with his ex-wife, Rema, as he saw something on Bukedde TV that had erupted.

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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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