2019 Round-Up; Top ‘Causes Celebres’ – Controversies & Top Stories

We are almost in the extremities of 2019 and the year has been really filled up with a lot of controversies and very many top stories in the entertainment industry of Uganda. Today we’ve brought you the stories we hope have heated highly in 2019.

1 Kenzo, Rema, and Sebunya Saga

This saga sparked off towards the end of August and it has definitely overshadowed all the entertainment news this year in the country. Few people actually saw this coming that Rema was to introduce another man ahead of Eddy Kenzo and it has really been the talking point in town ever since it was revealed.

Factually it seemed to be a hoax to many but it wasn’t really the case as the two have separated and Rema was officially taken by a gynaecologist by names of Hamza Sebunya in an outrageous introduction ceremony.

2 Eddy Kenzo and Sheikh Muzaata in a Slanging Match

Certainly the above saga paved way for the Kenzo-Muzaata feud and it was actually something to talk about everywhere, by that time. In the first days of October Rema introduced her new husband (Sebunya) in a traditional ‘Kukyala’ ceremony and here sheikh Muzaata gave a speech that indirectly targeted Eddy Kenzo in form of demeaning him.

In the aftermath of Muzaata’s speech, the Big Talent boss involved in a public slanging match with the sheikh. The bibaawo singer even reached the extent of asking the sheikh to apologise to him or else he would turn into a bad boy, though all these were received by a deaf ear as the sheikh has never said sorry to the singer ever since. On course, however, Eddy Kenzo bagged home another international award and the joyful Kenzo decided to leave all that and move on leaving Muzaata bragging around that he can’t give apology that easily.

3 The ‘Freshes’ Infiltrate the Music Industry

Around March, the Uganda music industry surprisingly received a wonder kid/rapper exhibiting mature lyrics at tender age. Ssenyonjo Patrick alias Fresh Kid was aged 7 years by the time he outed his first hit song dubbed ‘Banteeka’ and it’s from here that many controversies surrounded this wonder kid.

Fresh Kid was the talking point by that time and he surely dominated the entertainment news for a while, from the time Nakiwala Kiyinji wanted to terminate his music journey to the time Ruparelia gave him scholarship.

Months later, the wonder kid’s dad, Mutabazi Paul alias Fresh Daddy, also ventured into the music industry with his song dubbed ‘Mazike’ which was also on everyone’s lips. He was critised of killing his own son’s music career and was asked to quit singing for the good of his son but he didn’t at one point think of giving up as most people wished, he never gave a damn!

Still at Fresh kid and daddy is where another Fresh came in, Fresh Jjajja, who also made herself a name in singing and dancing at an old age.

4 Inabana song controversy

Inabana was a song owned by Tanzania’s songster, Harmonize, who did it with two Uganda’s superstars, Eddy Kenzo and Jose Chameleone, which also led to a serious controversy in the entertainment industry of Uganda.

The first version of the song was an audio featuring Harmonize and Chameleone and as we were waiting for the video, surprisingly it was Eddy Kenzo and Harmonize in the video of the same song, only Eddy Kenzo putting in his own verses different from Chameleone’s but totally the same song. This actually led to hatred between Chameleone’s and Kenzo’s fans as the former’s fans were accusing the latter to disrespect their music legend, as they prefer to call him.

However, this was later settled after finding out that none of the two singers was to blame and instead it was the Tanzanian singer along with his management who (Harmonize) later also gave in his say as to why it bizarrely happened that way and begged the fans to listen to the version they prefer most and put away the hatred.

5 Bobi Wine formally declares presidential bid, come 2021

Born Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine revealed his desire for the presidential seat and it was on 24th of July that he officially announced taking on President Museveni in the country’s 2021 national elections. This did not only make news in Uganda but also all over the world.

6 Jose Chameleone Confirms to Vie for the Kampala Mayoral Seat

They were rumors to first circulate that the ‘valu valu’ singer was to run for the Kampala lord mayor not until he came and confirmed the rumors himself. The singer came and publicly showed his desires for the Kampala mayoral seat which will see him battling with the incumbent Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, and others. This has also been a top story in the entertainment industry of Uganda.

7 Gravity Omutujju shot

On 21st of February news spread the country that Uganda’s rapper, Gravity Omutujju born name Wabuyi Gereson, was nursing wounds after being shot at a petrol station. The whole country was anxiously waiting to here from the hospital where the rapper was taken to get treatment. Many were in fear to lose another top artist just a year after crooner Mowzey Radio had mysteriously died. However, the rapper managed to survive and he is in currently a fine shape.

8 Troy Wamala Convicted of Manslaughter – Mowzey Radio

Probably there’s no Good Lyf Crew (Radio & Weasel) fan who wants to be reminded of 1st of February 2018. It was a very awful day indeed as one of Uganda’s great musicians of this generation, Moses Ssekibogo Nakintije alias Moses Radio, breathed his last in a very mystery way. Troy Wamala was allegedly accused of killing the singer and he was taken to prison immediately.

Troy has been taken to court so often but there was no final judgement yet from the court. However, it was on 28th of October this very year that the court acquitted Troy for the murdering of Radio and he was instead convicted of manslaughter. On 31st October, Troy was sentenced to 14 years in jail over the death of former Good Lyf Crew singer.

9 Among other top stories include;

The other top stories which have highlighted in 2019 also include; Kats and Fille separation and then reunion, Kats and Fame Lounge feud and then reunite peacefully, Winnie Nwagi and her House Worker controversy, Deporting of MC Mariach along with Maureen Nantume, Geosteady’s claims that he produced a kid and failed to take full responsibilities as a father, Sheilla Gashumba-MC Kat’s feud, Full Figure leaves People Power joins NRM, and then the God’s Plan, Sheilla Gashumba and Amanda saga.


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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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