During the weekend, Singer Julius Buyinza popularly known as Barbie Jay was nabbed pants down while having sex in a car with a mysterious babe on Mengo Road. Photos of him while he was Shirtless and for the Woman while the dress was way up the thighs made rounds on social media and we all confirmed he was really playing the Night version of the Game of Thrones.

However, despite all that evidence, Barbie Jay has finally spoken out on the cheating scandal, suppressing all the reports that appeared in the media that he was eating the ‘Sumbusa‘, as he termed it before in one of his popular songs featuring Eddy Kenzo.

Speaking from his Makidye studio, Barbie Jay accepted the fact that he was found shirtless and with a girl in a car, but was doing nothing.

‘I was just cooling off after along dance rehearsal,’. He said

Here is Barbie Jay’s words.

It’s true I was with a girl in the car. We were from practicing and on our way back home, we parked by the roadside to buy some food. Because of the hectic day, I was feeling too much heat and decided to remove my shirt because I was in my car,..

Girls these days wear revealing clothes showing their thighs. There is no reason that we were cheating, I have a family to protect and explain to. I was wearing my trouser and I don’t think I can do anything when I am wearing my trouser. That’s evidence enough,”

Currently, we have learnt that the Singer who has since refused to go back home is making a song out of his situation.