Parliament orders for Nyege nyege Festival cancellation

The parliament orders for the cancellation of worlds best electronic music festival

The parliament of Uganda in a resolution has ordered the ministry of tourism and the ministry of ethics and integrity for the cancellation of the NYEGE NYEGE festival an annual social event that scheduled to take place in Jinja next week from     Thursday the 15th to Sunday 18th of September with the reason being that it promotes immorality.  Nyege Nyege is a genuine African cultural fest which is excitingly diverse and consistently surprising and committed to uncontrollable dancing.

Partying isn’t immoral. The parliament should focus on bigger issues hurting the country than preventing them from getting this little bundle of joy.

“we are talking about MORALITY of this country; we are talking about our children. You’re trying to pro mote tourism at the expense of our children? We are not going to allow this function to take place. “speaker of the parliament of Uganda HON. Anita among Concluded with its cancellation. on the event.

Over the past 5 years, Nyege Nyege has grown exponentially in size and influence and has gained a reputation for platforming experimental sounds of the Ugandan and wider sub-Saharan African, underground music and musician. the event stands for peace, love, joy, and pushing all kinds boundaries especially in terms of races which always promotes a sense of inclusivity and thus promoting tourism in the country.” acclaimed party- turned – festival- turned record label providing a platform for contemporary pan- African dance music.

Toro woman MP. Sarah Opendi says it’s a breeding ground for sexual immorality.

Father Simon Lokodo the deceased former ethics minister in 2018 had requested for its he claimed that it promotes moral decay and homosexuality.  But his plea was over stepped upon.

We are waiting to see if the parliament can actually cancel this event despite the fact that its out of its ambit.

What do you think?

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