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Nigeria’s Nollywood actor dies at 62.

Nigeria mourning for their popular movie star Mr. Ibu who died at the age of 62.

Nigeria’s Nollywood actor dies at 62.
The Nigerian populace is grieving the loss of John Okafor, a beloved figure in Nollywood recognized by his stage name, Mr Ibu, who has passed away at 62 years old.

In a report, it was revealed that the deceased had a cardiac arrest and thus his death.
Okafor became famous twenty years ago for his role in the movie “Mr Ibu,” which earned him the nickname. This movie is still considered one of the top Nigerian performances in comedy.
He continued to act in many more Nollywood films like “Keziah,” “9 Wives,” and “Mr Ibu in London.” Actress Mercy Johnson-Okojie paid her respects, saying, “Rest well, sir.” Law professor and former UN rapporteur Joy Ezeilo described him as a cherished figure who brought joy to many through his performances.

Movies that brought Mr. Ibu in prominance.
Mr. Ibu (2004): A comedy that showcased his unique style and humor.
Mr. Ibu in London (2005): A delightful adventure with the beloved character.
Police Recruit (2003): A film where he undoubtedly stole the show.
Keziah (2007): Another gem in his filmography.
9 Wives (2005): A captivating tale with his signature flair.
Sheri Koko: A memorable performance that resonated with audiences.
Oga Abuja: A delightful addition to his repertoire.
RIP MR. Ibu.

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Written by Kusaasira Noah

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