Escort Girls: Another kind of Prostitution in Kampala

It’s a chilly evening at an exclusive club in Kampala where soothing jazz music is playing in the background and Disco lights flicker over the spacious dance floor. Just about the next table, are four beautiful ladies in miniskirts sipping white wine and wiping their glowing make-up accompanied by four men who are astonishingly dressed in suits, also downing expensive liquor. The first eye onto them drives your minds that the they are enjoying each other’s company, just stay keen, you will realize it is as far as the scripts goes.

The fact is that most of these women are escort girls who come from the very many high level institutions in and around Kampala like Universities disguised as models with a job description of looking super sexy and glamorous waiting to offer good company to ‘high-end’ men with the promise of more than the pleasure of alcohol.

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According to one of these girls, there is no escort who doesn’t sleep with her client.

“Any woman who claims to be an escort will always sleep with the client. That’s where the money is…. Well, I also enjoy sex, and if I can get paid to do what I love, then what is wrong with that?…A man will sleep with you once and if he likes it, he will come back again. By the third time, he will ask for your number and you will be meeting him whenever he needs company,” she Said.

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That is the new Era of Prostitution in Kampala and other towns!! These ladies are in their early 20s in addition to being educated and cultured doing this for big bucks. You hardly see them interrupting their hosts’ chat with friends. They just sit pretty at a nearby table where they are served them drinks.

They pose as escorts to the endless list of international artistes who come perform in Uganda, and later in the night, they end up bedding these loaded, sex thirsty artistes.

An average escort girl earns between Ugx 50,000 – 100,000 an hour answering why it is mostly campus girls in this business. Most are desperate for cash and recruited as models.

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