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Entebbe based O’s Bar & Grill Closes Over Financial Crisis

One of the most favorite hangouts in Entebbe town, O’s Bar & Grill has officially shut down operations over financial crisis issues, we can...

The Rolex Festival is Back, to grace Kampala, Entebbe and Jinja

Missed the first seasons of the Rolex Festival? Here comes the long-awaited season three on the 19th of August at the Uganda Museum grounds. During...

Here is the Confirmed Tusker Lite Kampala Night Run Route

Kampala is yet to see the first ever Night Marathon on June 9th 2018. The organisers, Tusker Lite have officially confirmed the 2km route...

Tumusiime is the new Uganda Waragi Brand Manager

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) has appointed a new brand manager for one of their leading sale brand, Uganda Waragi. The name of the manager is...

Agatha Loswash Resorts to Cheap Booze

Months back, curvaceous Agatha Loswash confirmed media that she had quit booze but while at Gravity's Concert, she was caught on camera enjoying a...

Upcoming Events: Kampala Rolex Festival

Venue, dates for the eagerly awaited Rolex festival have been confirmed. The festival has been scheduled to take place on August 20th at the...

16 dishes, 10,000 kg of Pork graces Namboole Pork Expo

If you are not restricted to this 'beef', you are missing hot-off-the-grill pork experience in the first ever Pork expo that has started today...

Grandma’s secret blueberry pie recipe revealed!

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This is how coffee can help you predict the future

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11 reasons why making your own food is essential

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