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Lubaga Priest, Kiibi Advises Celebrities on Proper handling of Money

During the requiem mass of the fallen Good Lyfe star Moses Sserubogo alias Mowzey Radio at Lubaga Cathedral, celebrities including musicians, celebrities, slay kings and queens were advised on how to handle their money and talents.

This message was passed by Father Deogratius kiibi, who led the mass in a no fear or favor.

He first advised young girls who are renting and yet go out to buy cars that make him wonder if their heads are working right.

He then turned to artists who miss use their talents and their fruits. He said that talents are God given and when God gives you one, it is a quality gift. The way you handle it is the gift you give to God and should be served in humanity in order not to annoy God before advising them to recruit professional management.

“As artists, you have to get a professional manager to guide you and handle your money. It is a shame if you die right now and you have nothing to show for all your hand work,” he said.

He added on that;

“Most celebrities actually have nothing, they borrow clothes,cars, go out in bars and get drunk, they take weed and start seeing a Shs 1knote as Shs 1M…….. they have numerous wives and a million children. Many have done nothing to help their people in the villages but are here showing off,”

Fr Kiibi continued to advise celebrities to stop wasting money, telling them to go back to the village and dig, if they feel the money is too much for them to bring it to the church.

He concluded by advising them to stop making money become a curse, as it is wasted yet there are many under privileged people who need it before encouraging them to give their lives to God and come to church more often instead of looking for Him only in death.

He also consoled the bereaved families, cautioning other artists to be careful not to die in such reckless situations and praying that God has mercy on the fallen star.

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