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Should Desire Luzinda Grant a 2nd Chance to Franklin, The Guy who leaked her Nudes?

When you mention the name Desire Luzinda, the ‘naughty’ part of many people’s brain is triggered first, with minds running back tracing the incident when her Nude images and private video that nearly crushed down google servers.

Despite her good music and soft romantic voice, many stand firm to the point that Desire Luzinda’s popularity is attributed to the sex tape and disgusting photos by her that were leaked by none other than her ex Nigerian boyfriend, Franklin Emuobor way back 2015.

There after, the voluptuous bottomed singer decided to call it quits with this guy who made many of our Kampala girls ditch the loaded Nigerian boyfriends that they were planning to walk a mile of life with.

Franklin Emuobor, Desire's Nigerian Boyfriend
Franklin Emuobor, Desire’s Nigerian Boyfriend that leaked her Nudes

Last week, we learned about how Franklin might haven’t gotten enough of Desire’s ‘Kitone’ as the singer revealed to the public that he is always in her inbox requesting for a second chance.

While she was appearing on NTV’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ show hosted by Faridah Nakazibwe, Desire confessed that her Ex who leaked her nudes and sex tape is still hitting on her and pleading with her to reconsider their no more relationship. She says that Franklin Emuobor, who is out of the country has on several occasions created social media accounts to pass on his messages to her but all has been in vain because she is not about to entertain anything related to the Nigerian.

Desire, who is reportedly single but on every man’s wish list says she learnt her lesson in a hard way and this is where the discussion arises from. Can you reconsider the apologies of the guy that once ruined your life by making the world look at you as a pervert?

Desire LuzindaSince no one can tell a person’s minds, he might have confessed by heart and looking forward at cleaning the dirty part of you that he shaded or could be with another motive of taking you back to more sorrow by ruining more of your life.

What do you think?

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