Frequent Bathing can be harmful – Research

Did you know that taking a shower frequently can be a danger to your health as according to research/ health scholars.
See how it is scientifically explained:
Our bodies harbor billions of micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi among others and in fact, these influence the body’s function, ranging from immunity to proper functioning of the digestive system. A man or woman weighing 100kilos would be carrying around about 2kilos of micro-organisms!
When you take a shower, you inadvertently wash off colonies of organisms from your skin. This is especially so with the use of shampoos and other antiseptics that leave us feeling really clean. Washing off essential natural oils and sweat from your skin, interferes with the natural environment where the microbes flourish.
The more frequent the shower ritual, the greater the interference with colonies of organisms on your skin, and by inference in other related organs. This then becomes a recipe for skin conditions, and other related disease states.

However, there is no clear reason to believe shower-free individuals are any less healthier compared to the rest of us.

Don’t worry about the odor, according to a solo experimenter who tried the shower-free approach. At first, his body odor was nauseating. But became less so with time, possibly after a reboot of his body organisms that started secreting more pleasant scents!

Well, you still need to wash off obviously visible dirt on your skin. But you don’t have to scrub yourself off into a sterile state.

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