Friends With Benefit – New form of Relationship in Town

Believers in Friends with Benefit (FWB) relationships claim that married men/ women are the best Sex buddies in this. The main reason behind this is to have casual sex with someone. This is done without the intention of ever getting into a relationship.

Why Friends With Benefit Affairs are on Increase?

Much more high profiled married people are jumping to this wagon almost daily. Friends With Benefit partners say that married men/ women know how to communicate with their other partners. These people also respect space and time. They continue to reveal that married men are also considered fearless when it comes to experimenting. They are in most cases locked in pretty much dead sex lives.

FWB’s have been the ideal situation for most modern women in Uganda today. It is quiet easy to find that someone who you can hang out with is also fun to romp around in bed with. This comes without all the commitment of an exclusive significant. You have to leave your emotions checked at the door to the space surrounded by four walls.

For beginners, choosing the right partner to cruise around the sheets with is one of the most trying tasks that one can have. In order to maintain the sanctity of the relationship it technically means it is better to choose a partner that you know would never put a ring on your finger.

The truth is that, in the minds of a man, he is not designed to be intimate to one partner forever. Ladies need to deal with this fact and move on.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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