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Top Lifestyles that Girls Fake on Social Media

girls lifestyle fakes on social media

Study reveals that over 60% of Facebook users never live their true/ authentic life in the face of their friends and followers. We (mostly girls) all have ever faked our lifestyle on Social Media according to what we post. Those posts that shows us in favorable light.

That may not be an issue but the problem may arise when one blatantly lies to make his/ her life seem more interesting. Here are the top lifestyles that girls fake to friends to be living on Social media.

The Looks

This is mostly for girls and some boys with XX – Chromosomes. Most have all created an image in their minds of what they think perfection should look like. With the many filters and photo manipulation applications, most of girls don’t look anything like their Facebook and Instagram feeds in real life. It is rare for a girl below 35 to post a photo unless it has undergone a number of filters to make it look better.

looksThey use filters to hide the acne, the dark to appear lighter and the chubby ones to look thinner, just know that there is a filter for everything!

Remember one of the top respected female musician’s’ naughty video that leaked and people doubted it was her because how her face appeared was far way different from how she looks in her posts on Social Media.


Some people have reached an extent of faking vacations Zanzibar, Dubai e.t.c because traveling to such places for relaxation has become a place among those that we think are living a good life. You will find one of your girl-friend’s timeline, snap chat and Whats app status with a picture of well-manicured hand holding a champagne glass overlooking the wing on an airplane in the clouds.

A moment later, she will post a picture of a beautiful beach with a caption about how relaxing the destination is, only to find out by her neighbor’s comment asking which time they should set-off to the market place to buy the kid’s pampers.

Social lives

Party animals
Party animals

A quick look through your friends’ timelines will leave you believing that everyone is living a fantastic and fun life except you. It will look like all your friends are always partying at the hottest joints in town, drinking the most exotic drinks and doing the best luxurious stuff whenever they get a break from the office/ place of work.


Checking through a random girl’s Instagram feed will make you believe that people do really take their diet needs as the first priority. You will find pictures of her every after lunch time, praising how the chefs of this and that five-star restaurants perfected in their jobs.

foodTo discover how we are sometimes faked on social media, just pass around Cafe Javas. You will find that after ordering and getting the food served, some girls make sure that they first take a number of pictures of their food and that of the friends (in case they made different orders) that they will post later, one at a time to make the story of eating out from high-end points continuous.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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