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Girls shun Big Eye’s sweet talks

When girls start ignoring a man who loves to be surrounded by hot girls, just read the signal that he is nolonger a happy man from inside to outside. Coming in from the ‘Tusasanya’ singer’s camp, Big eye, he is no longer a happy man as hot girls are no longer seeing any ‘Lusama’ in him.

After performing at Geosteady’s concert that was at Imperial Royale some time back, the singer went backstage to have a good time and company with hot girls but was forced to relocate to the VIP section as they were no longer interested in his used to be ‘Sweet talks’.

Through out the night, he kept on his phone but looked isolated and alone. As you know people do not take long to judge, some are say that his ex-girlfriend, Nalongo Don Zella’s ‘twins’ tare haunting him down to chase away girls from him.

Remember that the singer was in news two weeks back after fiercely colliding with the one Mutima, a city promoter while in Masaka reportedly over money issues.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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