Guys, Signs you are not terrible in bed

Never make an assumption that you are extremely good in bed. It’s a scandal, you might not be as good as you think! But being bad in bed doesn’t mean you can’t improve. The problem comes in when you can’t tell whether you are good or bad. Pay close attention to these to figure out how you do it.

She fakes the moans
Is she faking it or not moaning at all? You might feel that her moaning isn’t really important, but sorry to burst your bubble, it is. Moaning is just an expression of how she really feels inside, if she doesn’t moan then she doesn’t feel anything inside. She doesn’t go slightly cross-eyed like she usually does, Nigga, your chick might soon upgrade to someone who can.

She asks, “Is that all?”
If it lasted less than ten minutes, you know she’s thinking it. There are many dudes out there who finish too quickly. Sometimes it happens, and there’s not much you can do about it. If you’re one of those guys, It is still not late for you to focus on quality foreplay beforehand.

She tells you how ‘good’ you are
The more often she tells you how good you are, the more likely it is you actually suck. We all appreciate it when a lady rolls over in bed, turns to you, and sighs, “That was so great.” But, the trouble comes when they say it again and again.

Asks for a change in her acrobatics skills
If she asks whether she’s doing something wrong, the subtext is: ‘Something is off here. I’m not enjoying myself. How do we fix this?’ Rather than giving her a report card on her performance, get a little introspective by trying to adjust your technique accordingly.

She gives a lot of instructions

“Oh, baby. Right there. No, wait, there. No, over there.” These are not accolades, these are instructions. If she is in a place where she can play the part of an air-traffic controller, you might not be doing everything you can to get her up in the air.

Moaning another person’s name
If she is moaning anything but someone else’s name, Nigga, you have series of problems to solve, listen up, and start taking notes.

Always on the same routine
Gentlemen, all good things in life take work. Just like you need to hit the gym if you want to get that six pack, you must also work at sex if you want to be halfway decent at it. Try out the ‘double reverse lotus’ next time you bring a girl home rather than your favorite ‘slumbering log.’

She always complain about pain
If she says it hurts at any point or is walking like a cowboy on the way to a stand-off after you’re finished, don’t pat yourself on the back. It isn’t because you are hung like a horse. It might be because you’re an insensitive lover. This thing is about rhythm. Don’t go thrusting away like a piston and assume she’s enjoying herself. Get in tune with your lady. Does she want power humping, or would she prefer something a little slower and sweeter?

You always do it while you are high
We know a lot of guys get off on bragging about how many different conquests they’ve enjoyed. But at a certain point, you have to ask yourself, “How come they don’t stick around?” If you always feel uncomfortable to do it when you are not drunk or high on drugs, comrade, you need more and more lectures about the throws of passion.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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