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Here is why the Gudlyf Duo are splitting after concert

Latest on our gossip desk is about the time bomb that is soon budding in artistes Douglas Seguya a.k.a Weasle and Sekibogo Moses alia Mowzey Radio’s music camp, the Goodlyfe.

This is about the long rumored talks of the duo splitting each to eye a solo music path as according to our invisible ‘Buzzing Bees’ had earlier reported on this website months ago. This might be their last concert together.

It is alleged that the ‘Sweet Lady’ singer, Mowzey Radio made up his mind to quit long ago and is not keen to change his mind since he has turned a deaf ear to promoter Balaam’s constant pleads.

Sources say that recently, Weasle discovered that Radio had already written 13 songs without his (Weasle) parst. This didn’t go down well with him but resorted to solving the issue with blows and fists towards the pencil thin goatie bearded singer till their firmer manager separated them.

Another reason is that Radio is pushing this separation because he feels he can make a fortune by writing songs and producing solo music under his brainchild label, Angel Music.

According to Radio about the issues of this separation, he says that Angel Music will be focusing on writing songs, making good music, mentoring and helping actual talent thrive with the right musical productions in the Industry.

“I love music…. what i am doing this time is for the good of music…. I love writing music and that is what Angel Music is going to be doing,”

However, their promoter, Balaam, says there is no way Radio and Weasle could split before the concert though no one else can ever know their next move.

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