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Hon. Nakiwala Roasted Over Claiming Credit For Fresh Kid’s Success

Seven-year-old rapper Patrick Senyonjo has been the talk of town since his break through with his ‘Banteeka’ mega hit.

As the seniors in the industry, he has also encountered a number of road blocks along his musical journey one of which being his career once getting threatened by the Ministry of Public Affairs in the country, spear headed by Hon Nakiwala Kiyingi.

The minister put a number of restrictions to the younger musician and according to her, she deserves a credit for the rapper’s success.

My Pressure Paid off for Fresh Kid” – She recently said

However, the minister’s claims shocked many mostly on social media, asking on how a person in her position can come out with such an un-mentored brag. Her words then turned into an attacking ground, and this is how she was roasted by some of the social media users.

  • ‘ Takimng Credit for a kid who fought his way up is shallow minded and greedy ‘
  • ‘ Go exert that pressure on the many other poor kids whose stories have not come to Camera… Mwagala Obutaala nnyini ‘
  • ‘ It is Manager Francis, not thatv sijui Kiyinji.. naki oba who ‘
  • ‘ No body else other than his manager and song writer ‘
  • ‘clout’
  • ‘You jump on already done things ‘
  • ”You found the boy on his top and you wanted to bring him down..’
  • ……………………….among others

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