How it went in every Round of Mayweather, McGregor fight

Being a showman and a brilliant mixed martial artist, Mc Gregor surprised many on Saturday night in Las Vegas that he could box too though not nearly well enough to beat Floyd Mayweather, one of the all-time greats of the game in feather and welter weight.

Mayweather won the fight on a 10th round by a technical Knock out (TKO) to take his record to 50-0. Though McGregor out-landed Mayweather by 51-40 in the first five rounds he was later dominated the rest of the fight by 130-60 and this is how it went in every round.

1st round: McGregor comes out strong
McGregor came out pushing Mayweather back onto the ropes seeming to do something no one thought he would. Mayweather was contented with seeing what the Irish man had in terms of punching ability. McGregor dropped his arms at one point, a tactic he has used in the U.F.C., as if to say, “Just try to hit me.” but Mayweather did not take the bait. McGregor 10 Mayweather 9!!

2nd and 3rd: McGregor keeping Mayweather at a distance
Referee warned McGregor for hitting Mayweather at the back of the head as Mayweather seemed to still be trying to figure him out. This ended while McGregor smiling broadly with still a 10 and 9 for Mayweather.

4th: Mayweather makes up some ground
Mayweather backed onto the ropes and covered up, allowing McGregor to take shots of which none landed cleanly with an intension of making him tire himself out by throwing a lot of punches early in the fight before ducking under a McGregor jab and landing a pretty solid right hand. Things Change, Its Mayweather with a 10 this time and Connor 9.

5th and 6th: McGregor starting to look tired
McGregor seemed to be swiping and tapping at Mayweather rather than throwing solid punches. Is it a sign of his inexperience in the boxing ring? Mayweather started to talk down to McGregor, hitting him with a solid overhand right and then with a left forcing McGregor to breathe a little heavier. May 10 and Mc 9

7th and 8th: Mayweather speeds the Punches
Even though McGregor was the bigger fighter, Mayweather certainly did not seem to be worried about his punching power as he was going forward, with his hands up, walking right through McGregor to slide around to meet Mr Money’s right hook and as much quick jabs while gaining momentum. McGregor was falling behind in this fight, but still gamely slugging it out.

9th: McGregor, tired and had enough
McGregor came out and landed a stiff right hand and then he hit Mayweather on the belt line. Mayweather appeared to be hurt by it, but the referee did not call a low blow. Mayweather flicked Mc Gregor with a right hand before storming back with a series of right hands getting the UFC champ leaning on the ropes with mouth open.

10th: Money gets every thing to an end
Mayweather looked still strong though Mc Gregor was just forcing into this round, a series of clean punches, left right from the 40-year-old U.S boxer left no other option for the referee but to call off the fight with a technical knock out victory to The Money Team boss as the 28-year-old couldn’t hold no more pain.

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