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How Ivan Ssemwanga Became Rich

Ugandans in South Africa and in Kampala are still mourning the mysterious death of City socialite and ‘money bag’ Late Ivan Semwanga who had an eye brow raising spending habits together with his mother of 3 Zari.

Many people are eager to know where this guy gotten all the money he had from, if you are one of those… we bring to you the long awaited answer here.

  • Ivan went to South Africa in the early 2000s, with the help of his friend Muwonge in a non smooth journey that even saw him sleeping in Zambian border coolers (Jail) for some days after being impressed by the antics his friend’s boss “Kabwa Kaganda’ used to earn loads of money from.
  • He was also recruited by this Ugandan traditional healer, to help in offering black magic services to the South African natives who till now still have a strong belief in witch craft.
  • After a while, the pay wasn’t appetizing, so Ivan and Muwonge established their own shrine in Pretoria christening himself Dr. shaba wa Shaba.
  • He established himself as a traditional healer, earned some cash and managed to buy his first ever car, BMW Dolphin before opening several branches across South Africa.
  • He started earning big and receiving high class clients from the name he had established. Among these, included Thabo Mbeki’s in-law who was epileptic and wanted Ivan’s help for this ailment. She became well from the trust, she recommended her niece Former president Thabo Mbeki’s wife who had issues with her sexual health to Ivan.
  • Ivan came back to Uganda and hired a herbalist from Jinja, sneaked him into South Africa and offered to pay a reported fee of over shs1m per month. When Mbeki’s wife got well, Ivan received many referrals, building a client base managed to maintain.
  • He later broadened his business base by importing cars and later set up a driving school at the premises of Shaba Wa Shaba shrine.
  • Considering the nature of business, Ivan started distancing himself from the trade, and ventured into schools.
  • He opened up Brooklyn City College and a chain of others. He was a darling, not only in Uganda but in South Africa as well as locals loved him for charitable works and generosity.

    R.I.P IVAN

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