How to know she is out of your league

Many girls find it very irritating when a shabby, low class guy try to hit on them as it bothers them that such dudes think they stand a chance with them. The truth of the matter is that “lanes” exist and men need to mindful of these lanes and you kindly have to stay in your lane. Dude, Reduce the risks of putting yourself up for rejection with these few ways to know she is out of your league.

She is hot by looks and you are not
If she is drop dead gorgeous and you are not, just know you are out of it. Most of girls who have nice svelte bodies and pretty faces to boot expect to go for the well-built, tall and handsome men who are well groomed and who puts time and money in their appearance.

She’s got money and you are a ‘hustler’
You know you are a minimum wage salary earner, yes, then why get off hitting on high flying woman. If you are broke, stay in your lane! A lady is doing pretty well for herself and can afford a few luxuries on her own. She has her own car and apartment and can comfortably take herself on vacations. Needless to say, she has expensive taste. Surely, the man she dates should be able to exceed what she can do for herself.

She’s educated and you are not.

The average hot Kampala girl hates it when a man approaches her and he can’t even express himself properly in the Queen’s language. For most university educated girls, chances of primary school or even high school drop outs for boyfriends are less to happen as they are mostly attracted to highly intelligent and educated men.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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