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How to Know Your Ex Still Likes You

  • Notice how often he/ she is Around You. Maintain a strategic distance from your ex both physically or rationally for some time, and in the event that you discover your ex is around you frequently, just know in any case, you are still being considered.
  • If your ex talks in a delicate tone and whispers affectionately and sweetly to you then it implies there is still love noticeable all around.
  • In the event that regardless you get telephone calls, messages, Facebook private messages or instant messages from your ex then he or she is still inspired by you. Irregular drop-ins at school, home or the workplace demonstrate that affection is still alive on your ex’s side.
  • When your ex hangs out in spots where you both used to invest energy then shots are they are sobbing for your consideration.
  • If your ex calls you to discuss the former relationship or how such an immaculate relationship could turn out badly, just know he or she is attempting to discover a path once again into your heart.
  • In the event that your ex-squints with their watery eyes or gazes tragically at you when you disregard them or don’t give them consideration, they are likely longing for your consideration.
  • When you converse with your ex, he or she may touch your knee or arm all through the discussion. This physical association shows intrigue. Yet, seeing his or her touch you can see whether your ex still likes you.

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