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How To Notice a Guy Who Is Interested In You

In relationships, everyone has a different way to express love and showing how he/ she feels to some one else. Some pay extra attention towards their new catches while others ask for outings more and more times. If you are still unsure about his feelings for you, ugandanbuzz has given you some signs to tell if he really likes you or not?

Notice the way he Compliments about you.
If a guy really likes you it means he is already under your charm. When a guy will like you it will be hard for him to resist watching you and complimenting you. If you do anything different in your looks or your hair, he would be the first one to notice and compliment you. This is a very good sign to tell that a guy really likes you. Just put a bit of makeup, he will notice it and will compliment you on it.

Social media Stalking
This guy is ever on your Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networking site. Whenever you go online you will find his messages in your inbox. Now check how he tries to continue chatting with you. If he tries to talk more and leave you at an interesting note, start smelling a rat!

Asks You out Often
Even in his busy schedule, he will take out time for going out with you. He will ask you often about your weekend plans to make plans with you. Notice if he love to spend time with you. In school, college or in office no matter wherever you are if he studies or work with you then you will find him near you most of the time.

Finds Ways to make physical body to body contact with you
To break the touch barrier he will gently be playful with you. He will try to be as close to you as he could be. You will see him punching you gently on your arm to touch you. You will see him treating you like a close friend and putting his arm around your neck and some times take your arm to lead the way.

He always try to Grab Your attention
Any guy likes to be the center of the world to the girl he likes. If a guy likes you, he will try to hold your attention most of the time. You will watch him doing playful things to grab your attention. He won’t be sitting up at the corner rather be with you and trying to make you laugh.

Your Interests would Interest Him
You might even meet him at your Yoga classes or any class of yours which you never miss. He will try to find many possible ways to stay with you. You will see that same guy over and over and over again at many places which you go on the daily basis.

Notice How He Dresses
He will try to impress you by as many ways as he can. He will dress up good for you. If you ever mentioned that he looks good on a particular shirt then you may find him repeating that on a several basis. Your compliments will be given very much preference.

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