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Top 5 Ways that Men have used to Survive broke January


According to many family men and other guys out there, January is one of the months where wallets not only go empty but also income sources go as dry as the Karamojong land. This is the only month of the year characterized by massive brokenness as many tend to frolic, cavort, drink and ‘women’ January money in mid- December during the festive season thus appearing to be like two months rolled into one.

As we are concluding the ’90-days long’ January, here is how men have survived this extra broke month that has been full of pressure from Landlords and hustles of looking for fees and other dues for taking children back to school.

Taking Over Shopping Duties

Some married men decided to take over the responsibilities of shopping from their wives. We all know that women are always extravagant while shopping for what to use at home, ending up buying stuff that end up rotting un-used from Kitchen cabinets. Shopping done by a man will always be on point.

Dumping their Private Cars

Traffic Jam is always less in January as compared to other months of the year, hop you have realised that! People who used to drive to buy groceries just outside their gates, see no need to waste fuel and spending on Parking fees in town during this time.
They then turn to Using Boda bodas or even foot around and once you meet them in the streets of Kisenyi or St Balikuddembe market, unprompted, they will let you know how it’s healthy to walk, and it’s easier to take Taxis than drive and face ‘horrendous traffic jams’ and nightmare parking in the City Centre.

Taking Risky Loans

January is the time of the year when you will hear ‘Maama Naki..’ asking the baby daddy whether he has seen around the log book to the family Car and the land after realizing they are missing at the bottom of the suitcase where they are always kept. The cause of this is the main reason why ‘street money’ lenders are always doing a booming business in January.

You find many others happily downloading and using mobile money lending applications that dish out money instantly, but charge an arm and a leg as interest.

Changing networks Carrier

It is January where you will find a section of guys ditching their MTN, Airtel simcards after realizing that there is another mobile phone operators who, for Sh 100, provide 200 minutes talk time, unlimited text messages and 4GB data bundle valid for a week.

Breaking up with Side Dishes

It is January when Married men will turn 100% faithful to their wives as many reeling under the burden of paying fees and other expenses with no money coming in, see it best to break ranks with the slay queen they have been paying rent for in Kololo and Muyenga.

Funny New Year Resolutions

Many men will always have a New Year resolution to stop drinking. The resolution works so well because there is no money to drink. All that ends on January 30 when the salary checks in. Others turn to God when the going gets tough. You will find churches packed to the rafters most on Sundays as people seek for the Creator’s help.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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