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Dear Ladies, Save Your Relationship with these Night Wear

Did you know that what you wear while going to bed with your partner also matters about the fate of happiness in your relationship? Not everything you put on to Bed is your advantage. Once your night wear /garments are not sexy at all, this will turn off your man and with time, he will loose appetite for you.

Once you try out one of the following, you will not only seduce your man in the bedroom but also lock him in your heart forever.

Top Night Wear for Ladies


Lingerie outfit

Most Lingerie are made from high shine, potentially slippery material used to make all sorts of sexy items. There are many types of PVC lingerie in various styles, try out each till you find out what your man craves to most. From Basques to corsets to bras and panties, some with zips or studs and lace or just pull on or off with plunging neck lines or high splits are all available for your choice.

Crotch-less underwear and Peekaboo

These are highly seductive and good if you like the idea of being semi-covered whilst allowing access to your more erogenous zones.

Basques and Corsets

A Corset

These always look very sexy and aim at accentuating your assets since they tend to be extra supportive of the bust and cinch in the waist. Also their being short in the body makes it necessary to wear panties. According to research, most men love peeling or ripping off corsets and agree that a woman looks seductive on them.

French Knickers

Once you pair them with a matching bra, they will potentially be more comfortable and sexy for you and your lover in case both of you are fans of the more is more type of lingerie. The panties being full knickers up to the waist and the bra lacking wires or padding, it makes the whole thing feel softer, lacy and very faminine, only this will keep him always clutched to you no matter what.

Stockings and Suspenders

These seem to be standard wear for raunchy romping with your lover and can be added to most other items of lingerie to sex up things. Just rub them against his body, their smoothness, ticklishness will arouse his feelings thus a happier sex life and relationship as well.

Normal Bra and Panties

These can be very provocative and suggestive in your love life if you choose a matching set. However, the best of these can be the Brazilian style panties with high cutaway lace to expose a little more of your smooth backside. These will make a very sexy look mostly if you are slender with an apple bottom or if you have a matching body figure.

Does all this not favor you.. then try out this very last night wear…

Climb the Bed as Naked as a baby

Wearing nothing to Bed sends a clear message to him and he will keep on thinking about it wherever he is. At the work place, in the taxi, car or any where else..

City Model Debbie Ssempaka in a sensual Lingerie Ideal for being a good Night Wear

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