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Interview with Kenyan music executive and RKC Label boss, Noriega Donself

Though many music executives don’t speak much in the media space, their good works speak for themselves. One of such music executives is Joseph Noriega, known in showbiz as Noriega Donself. He established one of Kenya’s biggest record labels, Reginald Kings Company Ltd (RKC Records) in 2017.

Noriega who is known for building the career of Otile Brown and Jovial took his turn on the Q&A moments with Ugandanbuzz news:

Q: How & When did you start venturing into music?

A: Started as a stylist for some artists like Nyashinski, King Kaka and others. I literally used to follow them on most shows and style them. Through my association with them, I ventured into the music industry because I saw it as a great opportunity to help young and talented people. Right after my studies at University of Nairobi, I formed Reginald Kings Company Ltd.

Q: Who are some of the artists on your label?

A: Currently, I have three artists officially signed aside Otile Brown whom I signed firstly in March 2018.

Q: What are some misconceptions that people have of artiste management?

A: People’s misconception of artistes managers is that we are sometimes the downfall of some artiste because of funding or putting efforts to push the artistes—that’s not true! Some artists feel so bigger than the label or management. Success takes cooperation and a lot of artists are impatient. They want to be known globally so fast, it is a process and hardwork, this is what a lot of them fail to know or understand.

Q: Is there anything you plan on doing differently aside from owning a Record Label?

A: Right now, my focus is on the label, we will see in the future. Label and artist management is my priority for now.

Q: What’s your last words for other music executives and showbiz people?

A: Everyone should be focused and keep working hard, I built this empire with time and seriousness. There is no success without struggles, some artists may be difficult to work with but we should have patience and hope things move better, that’s all i have to say.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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