Irene Namubiru’s Story of Being Mistreated by Relatives While Growing Up

‘Byansi’ Singer, songstress Irene Namubiru has revealed how she grew up via unfavorable conditions of mistreatment and being under looked by her relatives.

Irene Namubiru shared the story of her childhood stay at her paternal auntie via her official Facebook page, rejected any ties with her known relatives, and celebrating to have found her real family as they were ordering her at a tender age.

Here is what Singer Irene Namubiru wrote:

“God thank you for making me survive that terrible house in Makindye that they took me to by force and a bunch of toxic, bitter people I happened to partly share it with,…..

Thank you for finally showing me my true FAMILY even if it was late, a family where I have never felt indebted to anyone, or forced to do anything, my blood where I feel fully integrated without feeling like it is a big favor to be part of or being made to feel any different…… How good it feels to finally speak to a ‘Ssenga’ (auntie) knowing you are speaking to your own ‘Ssenga’. To have a shoulder to cry on whenever I feel the urge, my family, where they finally introduce and call me by my name. ‘NAMUBIRU’…… For a long time I thought (MUJJA NA NYINA) was also my name! I did not think of GOD then,” the singer exclaimed……..

There was only one person who could have protected me, the same person who took me there, the same person who looked on while lots of things happened to me in this house. The only person who knows my family, the one who denied me the right to my true FAMILY and the one who continues to live in denial and refuses to listen, she never protected me.

They used to ask why I never leave and go back to my real home because I never belonged in their home. Till now they are still clinging on me like they cannot live without speaking of me for a day,

In 2009 I organized to meet my entire family, relatives, every one, that day changed my life. Mr. Kaddeyo, my father and head of the family may God keep you for me. Today I do not know if I should worry about not having a NAME or being INTRODUCED. GOD IS GREAT. God continue to guide me and shine a bright light in my path. It has been God since day one.

Now I guess ‘DRAKE STEVENS’ aka ‘JORDAN MUTYABA’… It’s even nauseating to mention your filthy name.You will find another topic to put on your true account because so far I am your pass time. I know my family, I am proud of where I come from in Nakawuka in Mr. Kiziri and my entire MAMBA family. I am no longer a servant nor slave of you,”

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