Irene Ntale fights Security officer, Arrested for hours

Info has reached that Singer Irene Ntale recently involved in a fight with Vision Group security after denying her access to the premises, a saga that saw the ‘Boogie Down’ singer being shortly detained at the media house security offices.

According to close sources Irene showed up at Industrial based media house without any identification, expecting her name and reputation to stand for her, a thing that mean looking security men refused refused.

At first, the singer thought security officers were joking. She kept reminding them that she is the famous Irene Ntale so she can access any office at her will. But the officers informed her that they have never heard her name and all they needed was an ID to let her in.

She got pissed and started exchanging bitter words with the officers including boasting on them that she can feed and employ them for years, a word that the officers didn’t stomach and resorted to stubbornly deciding to punish the singer because of her provocative words and disrespect by dragging the singer to the security cell where she spent hours as matters were being sort out.

Irene’s savior of the day was the producer of the show that she was supposed to be hosted who rescued her after hours of negotiations with the officers to release her.

After her release, the diva ran back into her car throwing F words at the officers as she abandoned the interview and left.

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