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Is sheebah Karungi Pregnant!!!!?

The faminist, Activist, Dancer and Ugandan Songstress”Queen Karma” Rumoured To Be Pregnant!

Is sheebah Karungi Pregnant!!!!?
Speculation is rife within the media and among discussants regarding the possibility of Ugandan musician and feminist activist Sheebah Karungi, also known as Queen Karma, being pregnant. At 35 years old, Sheebah has not yet been seen with a child, leading to heightened interest in recent developments surrounding her personal life.
The frenzy began after a viral video surfaced showing Sheebah dancing energetically in a flowing dress. Observers noted a noticeable bulge in her abdomen, sparking widespread speculation across social media platforms.
Despite the fervor surrounding the video, Sheebah has remained silent on the matter, opting not to address the swirling rumors directly. Additionally, the identity of the purported father remains unknown, further fueling curiosity and conjecture among fans and the public alike.

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Written by Kusaasira Noah

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