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Jack Pemba Denies Sex Tape: It’s a Fake Facebook Account

Anybody that expected this? We are now confused because it seems we have two Jack Pembas. The one that apologized yesterday to the public about the unfortunate leak of his sex tape with a one Honey Salaam Suleman and this other one that has just denied anything concerned about the nasty video.

Today morning, lets say the real City businessman Jack Pemba has denied being part of the viral sex tape and making any apology on his social media as it was earlier reported.

“Everyone should know that I am not perfect neither are you. Due to some unknown reasons, and yet to be explained, those images were uploaded in internet by a third party, but I promise that I never intended to hurt anyone out there,” he earlier posted on his Facebook Account.

However, he now claims that his Facebook Account had been hacked and the video in ‘quotes’ was uploaded by an imposter who claims to be Jack Pemba.

My name is Jackson Akim Pemba…. the video that has been circulating on social media and an alleged apology about the video that came out on Facebook… I want to say in the strongest terms that I AM NOT the person in the video that is going around,” he clarified.

After all this, he deleted his acceptance of the video post and that of the apology he made claiming mistakes are for every human changing the Facebook account username from Jack Pemba to Jack Pemba Fans club.

He also said that he is not out of the country as the rumor has been claiming, adding on that he will be back soon the the public to clarify more of these issues.

I am NOT out of the country on business and will return soon to clarify these issues,” He added.

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