Here is why January is always the toughest month Financially

january brokeness
January brokeness

Though every start of January brings us a new year from which we expect a prosperous life, the month of this month always seems like two months rolled in one.

When you make a simple survey, January is the toughest month to survive financially if you didn’t plan for it well. It is the month where one dodges his landlord most, the school principal where his kid study from and the owner of the small shop where ‘maama w’abaana’ always borrow salt and sugar when you are not around.

As many think that it becomes so due to the overspending and extravagant merrymaking antics during December for the Festive Season, there are many other reasons why January is always filled with brokenness, excessive borrowing and gnashing of teeth.

Some of these include;

Taking Unnecessary Leaves from the Jobs

Some people take stupid leaves from their jobs as early as in the first week of December to travel to their home-places so as to kick-start the festive season early. Here, one spends all the cash with freeloading relatives, who would try to convince him to go for the Sub County chairperson seat come next elections, flattering him in a bid to loosen the wallet strings.

By the time he realizes that the salary savings are almost left a quarter, it is already Christmas and may look arrogant to leave behind the relatives they’ve stayed with for almost three weeks go through the festive season without their company.

So they have to wait till the new year, only to go back to meet their jobs and be welcomed by a fine looking young man asking;

‘How can we help you sir?!!!’

Also taking leave early means a lot of time to kill, often in pubs drinking, touring expensive places or hooking up with this and that babe who also sees the future of the last seven days of December in you. These are costly hobbies that always leave people run on empty in January.

Copying the Basama Lifestyle

Most of the ‘Basama’ (people working from foreign countries (Europe, USA, South Africa and Asia)) always come back to their home countries in December for the Festive season. These come with a trend of spending extravagantly and this has been coped by the poor lads here who like to prove them wrong in the matters of spending, forgetting they are just internees in the accounts department and just been dishing out money just earned as end-of-year bonus.

Basama parties
Basama parties

When January knocks, such lads will be alone dealing with fare issues and Kampala usual problems of the land lords and ‘Maama Naki‘ who cooks for you lunch as the Basama return to the countries they work from where almost every aspect of life is almost catered for by the government.

Playing Bill Gates during the Festive Season

A number of show-offs hire cars, drink and eat food that their palates are not familiar with, and spend on other things that momentarily prove they’re doing well. Many buy things they don’t need and the result is a bloated budget, more unnecessary goods and no cash.

If you know well your status, what is the need of an expensive Christmas tree to Kyenjojo for only one day?

What do you think?

Written by Kalema Lawrence

No one tells me what to write, so I will never tell you what to think.

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