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Why Kampala Men Rarely Settledown With Luo Girls

According to a simple research, girls from central and Eastern Uganda including the Baganda, Batooro, Banyankore among others who have taken a chance to date men from the North, are all praises about the Luo in them. However, the same is not the case with the men, its very rare to find a guy from central Uganda settling down with a Northern Uganda girl in a relationship, and if it happens, there are more chances it won’t last long.

Today, we bring you one of the reasons why these kind of dates rarely happen here in the Pearl of Africa.

Incompatible traditions and cultural practices

Another reason is the incompatible traditions and cultural practices between these two different ethnic groupings. The cultures, practices and norms of the Bantu are way far different from those of the Nilotics and to make matters worse, the correlation between their cultural beliefs tends to come out very low.

Northern uganda girls

For example, The Baganda, Basoga etc are well believed by the Northerners to be super witch doctors. It is very rare to find a traditional shrine in the North, if you are lucky enough to get it there, never be shocked to find it that it belongs to a Muganda, Munyoro but not an Acholi, Lugbara or a Langi.

Differences in Sex Norms

According to a simple survey done by Ugandan Buzz, we found out that the top reason for this is that central guys for-instance the Baganda find it hard to marry Northern Girls for instance the out of differences in the norms of the two tribes regarding the sex life.
Not to be a point of insult to our Northern Uganda sisters, many guys from the central admit that they are ‘not’ as wet as their cental and western nemesis in bed.

Not only that, Bantu girls have a tradition practice of ‘Okukyalira Ensiko‘ literally meaning elongating the Labia minora, that many Guys from the central like and take as the top priority to a happy sex life to both partners.

However much this practice has crossed oceans to our ‘White’ sisters in the Europe, it doesn’t yet exist in the north, this forces guys to concentrate on their own girls to bare with other challenges like laziness, extravagance life style among others.

Long Journey

Imagine a guy in Kampala dating a girl in West Nile, how much hours does he have to be in the journey to go meet his date or the vice versa? Indeed, for most men from Central Uganda, the journey to the North for a woman is one uphill task.The ten hour journey from Kampala to Gulu for instance is a lot tiresome unless you hire a chopper.


The price of marrying a woman from the North might not be as much heavy at the first during the dating phase as it is in the last phases of legalizing it. Forget about the current extravagance shown at Kwanjula (Introduction) Ceremonies in the central, way back, things were easy and cheap. Only a few litres of local brew, a goat, cloths for the parents and chicken for the inlaws were enough to earn a pride of being called a husband.

Howevwe, legally getting a wife from the North, will require you paying a herd of cows, bags of cereals among others since Normadism and pastoral farming equipment. Unlike the Northern brothers, In central, farming is done on a substantial basis, so getting the cows needed for the dowry means going down to the wallet which becomes kinda expensive.

Skin Complexion

A bigger percentage of men in Central Uganda prefer light skinned girls to dark toned ones, a reason you see why many of our sisters in the central sacrifice all they have in order to look like a mzungu by hiring the likes of ‘maama Lususu’ and others to get that light complexion.

Unfortunately, Northern Uganda women are dark toned and are proud of it, seems their men too and I. They are the only ones remaining with the belief that Black is beauty. You will find 1 out of 100 Northern Girl who has ever tried bleaching.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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