Kenyan Buzz: Man stabs himself, licks his own blood

Bizarre things never cease. Just here on our neighborhood, Kenya, in the village known as Kayole is a man who left all residents in shock reportedly stabbing himself and then licked his blood.

Identified as Mathew Wambua, aged 36, sustained injuries and had to be rushed to hospital by Grace Ndinda, his landlady.

According to Musyoka, a neighbor who came for a rescue after hearing sturbbon Wambua’s Sighs, he tried fighting him off as he went on to stab himself but was over powered to only be restricted to a free live show of helplessly watching the fella repeatedly stabbing himself before licking his blood until he lay motionless in a pool of blood..

“It was un believable, no one knows what made the guy do this to him self” He commented.

Eye witnesses revealed that blood was visible on the sidewalk in front of the house front steps and splattered on the window and door.

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Written by Kalema Lawrence

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