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Churchill Vows to Do Comedy till Death


Kenyan Comedian Churchill (Real names Daniel Ndambuki) has opened up about his future aspirations in the industry. He recently turned 40 and this is when he revealed that he is not retiring anytime soon.

Churchill’s most expensive gift for his 40th birthday was a convertible BMW 320i by Maina Kageni. The comedian says he wants to do comedy until he clocks 90s just like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe.

“Boss, I am not going anywhere. I want to be the Mugabe of comedy in Kenya, I have built my industry so why leave? I will keep pushing even up to my 90s or beyond if God grants me that permission..” He said.

He added on that he doesn’t matter even if he will be performing for three people, he will still do it.

Churchill’s Political Ambitions

He also asserts that politics is not his cup of tea as he can’t deal with the pressure politicians face in their work.