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Kenyan man who swallowed a Toothbrush Successfully Operated

Have you ever imagined a moment while brushing your teeth and accidentally swallow the Tooth Brush?? No, but it can and just happened to a one David Nazir, a father of two from Kilifi county Kenya but thank God that he is now relieved after a successful endoscopic surgery.

The shocking incident happened to the 34 year old during the morning of Easter Sunday and has since been admitted at the Coast General Hospital for medical attention.

“I am in shock since I have been brushing my teeth for the last 30 years only to swallow a toothbrush,” He exclaimed.

He added on that the tooth brush that he swallowed is a normal sized one that slid into his gullet while cleaning the tongue.

How it Really happened

“The brush slid from my hands and plunged down the gullet, very fast, as I tried to pull it out but it was all unsuccessful.” David Nazir further revealed.

Doctors confirmed the situation and revealed a copy of an X-ray that shows what appears to be a toothbrush lodged in David’s stomach who is only able to eat liquid food and water since solid food would push the instrument further.

Rose Masha, the sister to Nazir said the act was so unusual and since she was born she has never heard of anyone swallowing a toothbrush.

The Surgery

We have learnt that the man is now all smiles after a successful endoscopic procedure that was conducted on him today.

The extracted Tooth Brush

It involved a procedural examination of the inside of the body by using a lighted, flexible instrument called an endoscope that was introduced into his body through a natural opening probably the mouth or the anus.

The Patient’s Condition

Meanwhile, David is in good condition as he feels no pain and can even speak.

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