Celebrity Secrets: Meet Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika’s mum

Just mention the name ‘Vera Sidika’ while in any urban center in Kenya, in no minute, you will have grabbed tens of Slay Queens attention. They want to be like her. Vera is a lady cum socialite now rumored to have expanded her business to the US where she often enjoys her vacation from.

Despite being famous, Vera Sidika has managed to keep her family on the low. For example, not many know who her parents are and where they live.

However, as it is a norm at Ugandan Buzz of providing our followers always with any thing concerning their celebrities, we have some photos of Vera’s mum.

Vera Sidika’s Mother

Looking at the two, mother and daughter, you can’t overlook the fact that she appears a bit young to have a 27 year old daughter. But she keeps the style as her daughter. Vera’s mum lives an improved lifestyle, she wears designer clothes and shoes.

Secondly, she seems to have definitely been touring the world as we landed on a couple of her photos while at different Airports. This is however not a surprise since her daughter is known deal with well paying clients that have improved her lifestyle over the years.

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