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Khalifa Aganaga Reconciles with MC Kats

Recently, celebrated city emcee Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC Kats bitterly fell out with CEO Bad Man Character Khalifa Aganaga over stopping upcoming singer Fresh Daddy from Performing.

This followed after the pint-sized emcee rejected Mr Mutabaazi Paul a.k.a Fresh Daddy who is signed by Aganaga from performing his ‘Mazike’ song at Wave Lounge, terming it ‘bullsh*t’.

We’re trying to go for copyright in parliament and you start singing bullsh*t like this. Aganaga, if you want to fight with us, we shall delete your songs as well, we lose nothing.” MC Kats angrily reacted shortly after kicking Fresh Daddy out of the Deejay’s booth before Aganaga firing back at Kats saying he has no moral authority to decide who participates in the music industry.

And since then, they haven’t been on good terms. However, the good news is that this beef is now done and dusted after the two met and talked out their issues.

According to sources, Khalifa and Kats met at Wave Lounge where it all started to discuss their differences stemming from the comments thrown at each other after Fresh Daddy joined the music industry.
To prove that their beef was called off, the ‘Ndabilawa’ hitmaker even pledged to write a song for Shammy K, one of MC Kats’ managed musicians.

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