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Kind of Guys You Should Not Date

It is every girl’s dream to find a great partner, but it is always unfortunate when you end up dating the not-so-good guys for the most of your life.

Spotting someone with baggage and issues is not always easy in the moment, and it becomes more difficult when he is pulling out all of his charms on you. When the wrong ones love you right is the main dilemma faced by many girls in relationships today.

These are some of the guys every woman who is looking forward to settling should avoid;

A man obsessed with work and money

Every woman is turned on by a man who is hard working and successful but when your only identity is only tied to your job or how much m9oney you make, that is a problem. Such a man shall definitely have less time for you and will make no space for you in his life.

A man just out of a relationship

The only thing this guy can be looking for is a rebound, he only needs someone to destruct him from the heartbreak of his past relationship, someone to use and dump. He is single but not already yet especially if he is the one who has been dumped. Expect nothing serious from him.

Short and hot-tempered man

When the guy’s reactions are consistently over board for what is appropriate, it is a big red flag. By the time this kind of guy realises his mistake, it will be too late. You need a man who is responsive but not reactive, someone who makes you feel safe but not putting you on tension.

Ambitionless man

This is one who does not want to improve his life, he is not very motivated, he is not accountable for his actions or any thing in life including you and that is how it will affect you. His purpose in life is something that is critical to his overall well-being thus can’t offer something good in a relationship.

A man who is all about him self

This kind is very hard to spot first hand but as time goes on you can tell. This is because when they are showering you with compliments and gifts at the start of a relationship; it is really about getting you to appreciate them rather than them appreciating you. Nothing irritates like a guy who is so much into himself, with a condescending attitude, he will never tend to any of your needs.

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