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Know Your Star: Biography of Jose Chameleone

Jose Chameleone was born Joseph Mayanja to a mother called Mrs Proscovia Musoke Mayanja and a father, Mr Gerald Mayanja. Chamelone’s parents base in Kawempe, a suburb in Kampala capital city. He also spent his childhood days in Kawempe, at his parents’ home before moving to Seguku – a suburb of Entebbe, where he resides till date. He studied up to S6 and then saw music as his promised land.

Pallaso, mother, father, and late ak47

Chameleone was born on 30th April 1979, making him aging 40 years – as of now, 20th December 2019. When Jose Chameleone rose to fame, he dated a rich aged Belgian lady in names of Grient Onsea aka Dorotia, as most people know her, who also financially succoured Chameleone in music promotions – basically his first ever album entitled Bageya.

chameleone, Grient and their daugther

The two however carry bitter-sweet memories now after their separation in mid-2000s when Grient was sentenced to 9 years in prison due to drugs and cocaine issues and then the singer decided to move on. However, the former lovebirds were blessed with a half-caste daughter known as Ayla Onsea Mayanja, who now dwells in the USA with her mother. It is reportedly that their daughter, Ayla, is pursuing in pilot studies.

Jose Chameleone’s daughter with Grient (Dorotia)

Meanwhile, after Chameleone’s break up with Grient, he then met his future woman, Daniella, with whom they have five children. On a popular celebrity show on BUKEDDE TV known as OMUNTU W’ABANTU, Chameleone said he met Daniella in 2004 at a popular hang-out place known as ‘Alligators’ where he had gone to hang-out with his friends – to play balling. While playing balling, he said it’s when he saw Daniella chilling with friends and gladly one of her friends was a cigarette smoker just like him, so it was easy for him to approach her as he pretended begging a cigarette from her friend.

Hilariously, to a big name that Chameleone had already got in the music industry, Daniella wasn’t really aware of this man only her friends telling her about his, Chameleone’s, popularity which she again blasted avowing that those musicians don’t even speak English and are nothing to her, and so he wasn’t really a big deal to her.
Chameleone was ditched by the beautiful Daniella by that time and she even failed to give him her number that he tried to seek for. However, he had made friendship with one of Daniella’s friend who finally gave him her number, though it was still a very long process to change Daniella’s heart. Gladly, Daniella gave the tunavumilia singer a chance and in 2008 they legalized their marriage.

The couple is blessed with five children including two daughters in Xara Amani Mayanja and Alba Shyne Mayanja, and three sons who include Abba Marcus Mayanja (also a famous and global medalist in swimming), Amma Christian Mayanja and Alfa Joseph Mayanja.

Daniella and her kids, Christain Mayanja and Alba Shyne Mayanja

Earlier this year, it was claimed that Mr Joseph Mayanja bought a house in the United States of America and he trans-located his family, which lives there to date.

Jose Chameleone has six siblings with whom he shares both parents but it’s alleged that before the superstar’s father met his mother, the father had already produced one child from the previous relationship in names of Juliet Nalwanga. The other six siblings include; Humphrey Mayanja (the first born), David Kasozi Mayanja (whom Chameleone follows), Douglas Seguya Mayanja aka Weasel Manizel (one half of the dynamic duo Radio & Weasel – GoodLyfe), Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso, Josephine Nabukeera, and their last born Emmanuel Mayanja Harmaton who was best known as AK 47 but woefully he mysteriously lost his life in 2015.

humphrey mayanja

Chameleone’s career sparked off when he was only 19 years of age (in 1996), when he finished his A-Level (S6) and began a Disc Jockey (DJ) career at the Missouri Night Club in Kampala. Chameleone later moved to Nairobi (Kenya) together with his fellow famed Ugandan Musician, Bebe Cool (who is claimed to take him) where he was signed by the Ogopa DJs. In Nairobi, Chameleone took residence in the bus corridors though he finally managed to make friends with some of Kenya’s popular musicians including Redsan with whom he did the ‘Bageya’ song with.

Bageya was Chameleone’s first song in his music career but his second song ‘Maama Mia’ was the one that exposed him to the world, it is probably his megahit till date. Maama Mia is indeed a classic and great song even up to now of which even when Kenya was naming its 50 classic songs of all time, Maama Mia was also included – being the only song outside Kenya making it to the list. Generally, Chamelone’s music is a fusion of three languages; Luganda, Swahili, and English.

chameleone’s elder brother Kasozi henry

Ever since the outing of Bageya and then maama mia, the self-proclaimed music doctor has not retarded musically as he keeps on outing new hits each and every year. Among his other mega hits include; kipepeo, mambo bado, shida za dunia, katupakase, bayuda, valu valu, badilisha, maama Rhoda, naumia, sivyo ndivyo, njo karibu, wale wale, just to mention…. He has really sung all sorts of songs throughout his illustrious music career; love songs, educative songs, beef songs, political songs, and many more.

chameleone and brothers weasel and pallaso

Jose Chameleone sings under his own label ‘Leone Island’ and the label has produced very many popular musicians in Uganda including his brothers Weasel and late AK 47, late Mowzey Radio, King Saha, Big Eye, Young Mulo, Melody, Papa Cidy, and more. Chameleone has won several awards and endorsements throughout his successful music career.

Chameleone’s most popular opponents from day one were Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine. Like in English soccer where there’s the big four in Manu, Arsenal, Liverpool and Arsenal, Uganda had the big three in the music industry who were Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine.

bebe cool
bebe cool, one of chameleone’s all time arch-enemy

These three musicians battled throughout their music career in each and every way as no one of them could admit that he is either the second or third but always putting themselves in the first position. However, in first place Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool were very close friends and they combined to start the Fire Base Crew.

bobi-wine, another great opponent of chameleone – during the old days

The two combined forces to beef Jose Chameleone. Bobi and Bebe’s duet ‘Funtula’ was inspired by Chameleone’s by then sugar mummy, Onsea aka Dorotia, of which in turn Chameleone riposted with Dorotia and Nekolera Maali.

chameleone and diamond, in siera leone

Recently, Bebe Cool confessed that the more they continued beefing Chameleone, the more he got love from fans thus they also separated which saw Bebe Cool starting his own crew, Gagamel. The three now started to beef each other, individually. However, on the course of their beefing, there came another problem to them in Radio & Weasel who made them scratch their heads, especially Chameleone and Bebe Cool. Radio and Weasel broke away from Chameleone’s camp in around 2008 due to the misunderstandings they got and the two formed a duo which really gave headache to the so called big three.

Radio and Weasel

Radio and Weasel chiefly beefed Chameleone more than any other artist in the music industry, outing several songs attacking him, such as; Camila, football, ngenda mumaaso, sitani, and kanywamusayi (lwaki tokula), among others. In turn, Chameleone also produced many songs replying those from his arch-enemies, such as; bayuda, byansi byakuleka (technology), basiima ogenze, ekinuma, and others plus also christening himself as a heavy weight and very many extraordinary titles. However, Jose Chameleone ended beef with his all time opponents including Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, and then Radio & Weasel and he is now in good terms with them all. For the sake of Bebe Cool’s relationship, they are not those great friends but at least not beefing anymore and they can share the same table.

chameleone’s two daughters with daniella, Alba and Xara Mayanjas

Jose Chameleone entered politics in 2016 when he joined the musicians who composed a campaign song (tubonga nawe) to the incumbent president of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, during the 2016 elections. In 2019, however, Chameleone revealed his interest to the Kampala Mayoral Seat and he actually confirmed that he will contest with the reigning Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, come 2021. Interestingly he abandoned the NRM party, of president Museveni, and he is now a chief mobiliser in another party – DP (Democratic Party). He joined his colleague, Bobi Wine, who is already a member of parliament, who will also run for the presidential seat in 2021.

Jose Chameleone has collaborated with several musicians across Africa and globally. He has collaborated with; Patoranking (only you), Davido (all the girls), Bennie Man (how we go), Sammi (beauty), Morgan Heritage (Africa We sey), Konshens (Need Love), Lady Jay dee (Kiboko Yao), Professor Jay (Sivyo Ndivyo), Bushoke (Maama Rhoda), Sizzla (kwetu), Pardon C (Bele Bele), and many more. In Uganda, he also has a mammoth number of songs he has done with the local artists, in these include; Bebe Cool, Radio & Weasel, Irene Namubiru, Serena Bata, Afrigo Band – Moses Matovu, Catherine Kusasira, Melody, Papa Cidy, Pallaso, late AK 47, and many more.

As of 2019, Jose Chameloene is estimated to have a net-worth of US$ 5 million, he is downright wealthy. In fact this makes him one of the richest musicians in Uganda and East Africa entirely.

Jose Chameleone is one of the mostly followed Ugandans on all the major social media platforms like facebook, instagram, and twitter. On twitter, Chameleone has a following of 188k people, well as on instagram he is followed by 721k people and on facebook he has a following of 589k people.

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Written by Myalo Tonny Mata


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