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Leila Kayondo and I are Friends – Hellen Lukoma

Back in a while, Tycoon SK Mbuga’s ex-girlfriend Leila Kayondo and Stylist, actress cum singer Hellen Lukoma were inseperable. These two faded but still struggling musicians were Best Friends for Ever (Read B.F.F).

However, after a while, things turned out to be different. Their friendship suddenly ended allegedly over Men issues. Other Bloggers revealed that the break up was over Money Issues, it was all unclear circumstances.

Yesterday, it was time to know the real truth why these two parted ways. And it was Hellen Lukoma to question. When she was asked whether she is still B.F.F with Leila Kayondo, she was hesitant.

Why it ended

She later described her as a friend and when pressed on why they no longer hang out together, Lukoma revealed on how she is too busy these days.

“And I want think she is busy as well.” She concluded.

What do you think?

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