Life of the Kabaka of Buganda as he turns 62 today

The ancestors of mythical Kintu and Nambi (Baganda) all over Buganda kingdom and world wide, are in great happiness upon their supreme traditional and heritage leader, his Highness Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II turning 62 years ‘young’ today.
This is the first ever Kabaka in Buganda history to make it to this age as all of his descendants passed on at earlier age.
This year’s birthday celebrations are held at Lubiri High School, Nabukalu in Buloba parish Wakiso district


  • April 13 1955 – Kabaka was born in Mulago hospital
  • He is a son to the first president of Uganda deceased Ssekabaka Sir Edward Muteesa II and a grand son to Ssekabaka Muteesa I who introduced literacy in Uganda by wroting a letter calling upon missionaries to come and to teach his people how to read and write.
  • He grew up from the Kabaka’s palace during his early years of age.
  • After the 1966 Buganda crisis that saw Buganda Kingdom ship abolished by Obote, he fled to England to join his father on exile who later died in 1969.
  • In England, Kabaka was studied from North London Polytechnic and Bradfield College, a branch of Cambridge University.
  • Between 1970 – 1980, Kabaka acted as a sales person and author of a certain famous news print in London.
  • In the 1980’s he allied with the National Resistance Army (NRA) to call upon people’s support to the army in order to turn down Obote II’s dictatorial rule since the war was basically concentrated in Buganda.
  • In 1987 after Obote’s regime was put to an end by forces led by President Museveni, he permanently came back to Buganda. in the same year he restored the Bika Bya Baganda football tournament as a sign to show the prevailing peace.
  • After a series of meetings between Buganda personnel and the new government, it was agreed upon to restore kingship and chiefdom ships including Buganda kingdom.
  • July 31 1993, Muwenda Mutebi was coronated as the Kabaka of Buganda at Naggalabi coronation hill in Buddo.
  • August 27 1999, Kabaka married Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda Luswata.
  • Kabaka is a father to prince Kiweewa Cyprian Jjunju, prince Richard Ssemakookiro, princess Sarah Katrina Ssangalyambogo, princess Joan Nassolo and princess Victoria Nkinzi.
  • Kabaka Mutebi has four palaces by now where he meets his people including Mengo palace, Baamunaanika, Kireka and Banda where he officially resides.
  • Kabaka has introduced various development projects within Buganda and Uganda at large a reason why he is loved my millions of people.


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