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Top reasons your kid dies to go back to school

Though kids will pretend to miss home cooked meals, friends from the hood and the hot neighbor's daughter/ son who makes them feel like...

Why do Married women abort?

Did you know that abortion is no longer a preserve of youths and promiscuous high school girls and campus freshers fearing to be bogged...

Singer Sizzaman welcomes a baby Girl

Mukono based forgotten 'Mafalanga' hit maker Sizzaman Kayemba has welcomed a baby girl this morning 14th July 2017. The faded singer couldn't hide the excitement...

Zari to take Custody of her Kids with Ivan

The Late Ivan Ssemwanga who passed on last week had officially three kids, all boys and all sired by Socialite Zari Hassan who has...

On the Verge: Now, the kids of Echosmith are cool

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