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Is it still Love? Vera Sidika deletes Otile Brown’s photos from her Insta Page


The relationship between Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika and Singer Otile brown is still controversial matter in the face of their followers.
When you take a peek at Otile brown’s social media pages, all you get in your minds is the acceptance that the man is really in love with the curvaceous business woman. He shares each and every photo he takes with the socialite.

However, Vera’s social media pages show no sign that there is any thing going on between the two more Interestingly being that the curvaceous owner of a multi-million beauty parlor in the city has never followed Otile on Instagram since their relationship surfaced yet Otile follows her.

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika having a good moment
otile and vera sidika during their hey days

This has created a lot of assumptions some believing that the relationship was just a publicity stunt by the two popular celebrities. A fact that they vehemently denied reiterating they were in love and were in it for the long haul. Recently, Otile revealed that he had met some of Vera’s family and was planning to take Vera to meet his parents in Kisumu officially.

Meanwhile, that seems to be water under the bridge now after the socialite deleted all of Otile’s photos that they took from their sponsored romantic trip to the island of Mauritius from her Instagram page.

This has left many wondering whether love still exists between the two.