When it comes to weird sex antics, Kampala and Nairobi cities of Uganda and Kenya respectively top the most sex-crazed cities list in East Africa.

Fresh on the desk is that the popularized sex toys for women in these two cities’ are out of stock due to the high demand from women with insatiable sex appetite. It is now a scrambling for any available eight-inch male-member-like remnants.

According to the top three websites that have been selling the toys in Nairobi, they are out of stock.

Collection of female sex toys

One of the dealers said that there is a type referred to as Mr Big that gained popularity because of its looks that resemble the real penis in size and texture since it is made from high quality rubber. One of the websites explain that it has a high-quality suction cup at the base that can stick to any smooth surface such as a wall, floor or shower door, to enable sex-hungry women to use it without having to hold it in their hands. It is ideal when placed in warm water for a few minutes before getting to business.

On average, more than 15 sales are made in a good week between Monday and Friday and most of the clients come from the the upmarket side of towns in the categories of single women, widows and bisexuals. In December more than 300 pieces were sold in each of these two cities, thanks to the power of the ‘Ba summers’.

The cheapest item goes for either KSh 3,000 or UGX 110,000. There is a one sex toy known as Rabbit that goes for KSh12,000 and UGX 430,000.

A one user of them revealed that these toys have gained popularity as ‘there are no strings attached’ to them and can’t get one pregnant.

Watch the space!!